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No contractor wants to be held up by labeling at the end of a construction project. Yet it happens frequently. You’re keeping costly workers on site, when they should be on the next job. Or you’re wasting money on overages of marking products that can’t be reused on future projects. MSA understands the challenges contractors face in fulfilling mechanical identification and marking product requirements. We offer a better way, significantly reducing associated in-place costs.

Marking Services provides unmatched identification labeling services to the mechanical contractor market. MSA provides contractors with a single source for all of their mechanical labeling needs. More than simply creating labels, MSA frees contractors to do what they do best, knowing that the labeling part of the job is cost-effectively managed.

Working with MSA, contractors benefit from the smart choices we have developed to help manage your largest expense, labor. From labeling services to quickly installed marking products to mobile technology allowing quick access to critical drawings, MSA can help you complete any scale mechanical identification challenge efficiently and cost-effectively. The specialized knowledge and experience we supply makes MSA the right partner for your entire marking product needs.

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  • High Quality, Easy-To-Install Pipe Markers

    All marking products are not equal. Most markers come from printers who imprint standardized legends on medium-grade materials. These sticky markers can be time-consuming to install. As a manufacturer dedicated only to the production and installation of mechanical identification, MSA has developed the highest quality marking products. We provide the correct markers for your specific job, install twice as fast, and help save labor costs.

  • Packaging By Area

    MSA packages marking products by floor or area. Your workers use the color-coded drawings as a “roadmap” for installation. Guesswork is eliminated and time and labor costs are reduced.

  • Submittals

    Give us your spec and we will prepare a detailed submittal package that includes custom or stock product technical data sheets and samples.

  • Fast Response

    Order only the marking products you need. MSA will produce and ship additional products within a few days. No wasted time or money on excess markers and the effort to return them.

  • Access Information On-Demand through AIM Lite Mobile Technology

    AIM Lite technology delivers on-demand, 24/7 access to critical information. AIM Lite integrates asset identification with mobile technology empowering your personnel to access critical information to make good, safe decisions in the field. Information such as Mechanical Drawings, O&M manuals and operational procedures supports your team’s ability to work safely and efficiently. Ultimately delivering accurate safety, operational and maintenance information for hazard reduction, employee training and error prevention.

Introducing AIM Lite Technology

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Marking Services offers identification markers for nearly any environment. MSA has stock and custom indoor, outdoor, industrial-grade or harsh chemical environment markers to meet your specific needs.

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MSA offers stock and custom valve tags, equipment tags, and cable identification for every kind of application. Our tags provide semi-permanent marking of critical information on valves & equipment.

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