Clear, concise identification marking manufactured to include critical plant asset information

MSA identification marking materials are designed and manufactured for industrial plant environments. Our manufacturing processes allow for identification marking materials that have been engineered specifically for your facility. Our identification marking can include P&ID, line number, drawing number, and/or FROM/TO information extracted from your P&ID’s and asset databases; information critical to a reliable plant operation.

MSA manufactures the identification marking materials we install. This gives us control over quality, delivery and packaging so installation progresses at an optimum rate.

  • Customization – MSA identification marking products are easily customized to client specifications of size, colour, and appearance. Don’t settle for restrictive label makers that only allow for minimum information, our manufacturing processes allow for a higher level of detail conveying critical information to plant managers and maintenance personnel.
  • Quality – All pipe labels, valve tags and equipment signage manufactured by MSA are designed to withstand challenging environments typical of industrial facilities. Our pipe markers and valve tags last significantly longer than stenciling or self-adhesive labels. These products are tested and manufactured to withstand prolonged exposure to process chemicals and extreme operating temperatures without fading, deteriorating and failure.
  • Scheduling – Coordination of industrial marking manufacturing and delivery allows a turnkey labeling provider like MSA the ability to match site installation timing and needs. As the manufacturer, MSA has full control over the scheduling and production to eliminate potential delays in delivery and installation of necessary materials.
  • Packaging – MSA pipe markers and asset identification are manufactured and packaged by P&ID number (or by pipe rack location) so they can be installed systematically throughout the facility. This methodical process ensures quick and efficient installation for your industrial marking.

MSA offers owners the flexibility to create identification marking that conveys the critical elements of each plant’s unique asset information, thereby promoting safer work conditions and minimizing downtime due to errors or accidents. Our manufacturing processes and identification marking materials are far superior to conventional labeling such as adhesive tapes, paint/stencil and stamped or engraved tags. Our methodology communicates critical information directly from your facility P&ID’s at the point at which it is most needed.

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