Commercial Take-Off

Save label identification and pipe marking time and costs upfront

Coming to the end of a project is the wrong time to realize that label identification and pipe marking is going to be more extensive—and expensive—than estimated. Working upfront with MSA for commercial take-off can produce savings and make pipe marking and valve tagging an integral part of your project rather than a costly afterthought.

MSA manages the take-off process to save contractors time they would otherwise have to spend on a label identification task that is not their area of expertise. This highly valued service is included with your order of pipe marking and valve tagging products at no additional charge.

  • Beginning with a set of drawings, a copy of the identification spec and a piping installation schedule, our in-house engineers determine accurate quantities and styles of pipe marking and valve tagging products needed for the project. Our approach provides MSA competitive pricing while preventing over- and under-ordering of markers and tags.
  • A detailed Bill of Material list is returned to you for review and adjustment of any items you deem necessary prior to ordering.
  • Once a purchase order is submitted, you’ll receive:
    • Drawings marked and colour-coded indicating location and style of marker required by, and according to, specification.
    • Excel spreadsheets for all pipe marking, valve tagging and equipment labeling that specify the style, size and quantity of the markers, legend, drawing number, and area/level in which the markers will be installed.
    • All of the labels, tags, and markers needed for the project boxed according to floor or area when requested.
  • Newly colour-coded, marked project drawings prepared by MSA for your installers to use as a “road map” to position markers. This sequence is designed by MSA to ensure quick and accurate installation, thereby eliminating costly waste and errors.

MSA material take-off process makes pipe marking and valve tagging an integral part of the project.  Label identification is a smoother, more cost-effective process that allows pipe marking to be installed faster and with much less time and effort on behalf of the contractor.

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