Power Generation

Accurate plant labeling brings new and existing plants online

The power generation industry is experiencing challenges on multiple fronts: changes in primary fuels, accelerating costs of new plant construction, aging of existing plants, retirement of experienced workers, and smaller operations and maintenance crews. These issues mandate that plant labeling programs for piping systems and equipment perform at higher levels than ever.

Plant labeling synchronized to accurate plant drawings is vital to hazard reduction and prevention of human errors, training of plant personnel, creation of in-plant procedures, and uniformity of labeling nomenclature. To help power generation owners and EPC contractors build comprehensive plant labeling plans, MSA uses a process engineered approach.

Accurate asset identification and detailed plant labeling from MSA provides power generation owners with critical information used to train new and existing employees, write procedures, improve safety, and enhance processes and maintenance systems.

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  • Organize a database of assets from construction documents

    The scope of a plant labeling project can include updating valuable reference tools like P&IDs and process flow diagrams to developing a facility asset database. MSA engineering can develop a database to be used to record and maintain new processes or line changes. This ensures that changes are captured and documents stay current.

  • Asset identification and labeling synchronized to acurate plant drawings

    MSA has developed a method of identifying assets that incorporates field validation of drawings that is done in finite period of time at an affordable cost. By providing an actual account of piping and equipment in the facility, customers will have an accurate account their facilities' assets, information critical to plant operations. These accurate drawings support start-up, clearance, shut-down and preventative maintenance procedures while ensuring consistent labeling throughout the plant.

  • Aid in the selection of the right products with customer-specific information

    Our engineers work with construction drawings to develop a list of materials, including the types, sizes, and locations of pipe labels and valve tags. We can develop tags that match clearance procedures, thereby reducing human errors. Our field audits validate and document functional locations, contents, from/to directions, and attachment methods prior to manufacturing.

  • Manufacture labels and tags that withstand harsh environments

    Unlike the conventional labels used in the past, MSA pipe labels are the highest quality materials available, backed by a five-year guarantee. Our extensive experience in combined cycle, simple cycle, IGCC, coal, fuel conversion, FGD, SCD and baghouse power plants provides confidence that our products will withstand harsh environments without the need for re-dos down the line.

  • Install plant labeling with expert crews

    Turnkey installation by MSA will expedite the completion of a plant labeling project. Our dedicated, experienced crews will work continuously to finish the job, in contrast to in-house laborers who might have to schedule plant labeling around other priorities or work overtime to complete it. Further, MSA installers minimize disruptions to normal plant activities.

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