AIM Forms Mobile Technology

AIM Forms Delivers Critical Operational Information

Efficient Means of Making Observations and Collecting Critical Operations Information

Designed to expand the function and service of AIM Mobile Technology, AIM Forms allows operators and managers to communicate more effectively. AIM Forms allows crew members to engage with interactive forms, accessed via AIM Mobile Technology. Using a smart device, simply scan the equipment sign’s QR code, select the appropriate form and begin to document field observations.

  • Access via QR coded tags
  • Flexible to handle different types of forms
  • Save form as in progress
  • Submit form as complete
  • Data is automatically directed to your client portal
  • Immediate notification of completed form to designated email addresses

MSA will tailor AIM Forms to your unique criteria. We will take your existing forms and digitize them based on your application or content requirements. No more waiting for hard copy forms to be interpreted and entered into a computer, AIM Forms puts important operational information in the hands of those that need it, allowing the ability to transmit critical observations and potential issues to the people who can address the situation without delay.

The data collected using AIM Forms can be exported into a variety of formats including Excel spreadsheets for trending or calculations to make operational decisions. In addition, your client portal provides an archive of information stored chronologically for audit reports and historical reference.

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AIM Forms puts key operational information in the hands of those that need it. Click Here to Download our brochure for more specifics on AIM Forms.

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