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Engineered labeling for reliable operation of ammonia refrigeration systems

Today’s large-scale food processing, meat packing, cold storage distribution and brewing plants use ammonia as the refrigerant of choice. Facilities utilizing ammonia refrigeration systems are required to implement effective PSM (Process Safety Management), RMP (Risk Management Programs) and mechanical labeling regulatory compliance programs. Labeling of ammonia refrigeration piping, valves and components is a required component of any PSM program. The extreme environments of food and beverage processing facilities require labeling that can withstand prolonged exposure to extreme operating conditions without fading, deteriorating or failure.

Marking Services Australia (MSA) manufactures a wide variety of services and materials specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry. MSA has executed labeling in all types of these facilities, providing customers with labeling, tagging, and a full range of services including engineering, mobile technology and turnkey label installation in addition to “as-built” P&ID’s. Whether the project is new construction, retrofit or maintenance, MSA will work with you to engineer a complete mechanical labeling program that enhances the overall reliability of your plant and communicates valuable P&ID information to all who need it.

Proper mechanical labeling has an impact on the reliable and safe operation of new food and beverage facilities or upgraded existing plants. When you invest in the world-class quality and expertise of MSA mechanical labeling, you gain significant returns on protecting the productivity of your plant for years to come.

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  • Design

    MSA begins preparations for mechanical labeling projects well in advance of the time it needs to be installed. We work with clients to ensure that the right pipe labels, valve tags and equipment signs are included in the specifications and leave nothing to chance during construction.

  • Engineering

    We develop the bill of materials from a specific set of resources available from the owner. We field verify each asset against P&ID's to ensure information printed on markers is as-built. As experts in ammonia refrigeration, MSA follows IIAR standards (Bulletin #114) for the identification of piping, valves and components.

  • Manufacturing

    An accidental ammonia release from a mislabeled or inadequately marked line can have negative repercussions for plant operators and communities. Durable pipe labels, valve tags and equipment signs provide long-term protection to workers and plant infrastructure. MSA understands the need for UV resistance and the ability to withstand sanitizing wash-downs in food and beverage facilities. We manufacture MS-995 pipe markers for extended life in harsh surroundings and back them with a five-year guarantee.

  • Installation

    MSA recognizes that facility owners want to complete mechanical labeling installation efficiently without diverting resources that could be better utilized running plants or moving onto the next construction project. MSA installation crews are familiar in food and beverage facilities, managing every aspect of labeling installation. Our small crews work unassisted by the client, requiring virtually no direction. We work continuously until a project is complete, resulting in an installation process that takes half the time of other methods or contractors in a safe, reliable manner.

  • Access Information On-Demand through AIM Lite Mobile Technology

    AIM Lite technology delivers on-demand, 24/7 access to critical asset information. AIM Lite integrates asset identification with mobile technology empowering your personnel to access critical information to make good, safe decisions in your operations. Information such as P&IDs, O&M manuals and procedures supports your team’s ability to work safely and efficiently.

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