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Hazard identification and pipe labeling enhance reliability of offshore operations

Time is of the essence in the marine and offshore industry: every day a rig is not drilling could cost operators upwards of $150,000 to $750,000 in lost productivity. Since meeting regulatory standards for offshore pipe labeling, hazard identification, and safety signage is one of the last steps before beginning production, MSA has developed a mobile, single-source solution to bring offshore operations into compliance quickly.

MSA turnkey process engineered labeling approach to marine and offshore operations encompass detailed knowledge of international regulatory requirements, superior products manufactured for offshore applications, and turnkey installation by experienced crews around the world.

MSA works with our clients using an engineered process labeling approach to take critical asset and safety information and effectively communicate valuable information to all who need it. We enhance overall reliability of marine and offshore operations through design, engineering, manufacturing and turnkey label installation. Our hazard identification, pipe labels, and safety signs raise the level awareness in marine and offshore environments promoting safe work conditions that minimize downtime due to errors or accidents.

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  • Pipe Labeling

    Rig operators face different requirements for pipe labeling, hazard identification, and safety signs depending on where you are located. MSA is conversant with all the international standards and can take complete responsibility for labeling, freeing operators to manage other critical tasks. No matter where you’re drilling, MSA knows what is required.

  • Safety Signs

    MSA safety signs convey clear messages that draw attention to everyday situations that affect health, environmental or operational issues. Our signs use universally recognized pictograms and can include specific information in a variety of languages to meet the unique regulatory requirements of different countries. Our Photoluminescent signs comply with IMO/SOLAS requirements. All of our signs are designed to resist chemicals and fading even in the harshest offshore environments.

  • Manufacturing

    With manufacturing facilities around the world, MSA can ship pipe labels and safety signs to marine and offshore operations without delay. MSA pipe labels provide operators a quick, accurate snapshot of critical information such as pipe content, flow direction, origin and destination. Our construction provides proven protection from sunlight and maximum resistance to acids, caustics and solvents commonly found in offshore operations.

  • Installation

    MSA installation crews execute in any situation—in the shipyard, under tow, or anchored offshore. MSA installers are offshore experts, thoroughly trained in pertinent safety procedures by WHS and the U.S. Coast Guard. Our crews manage all equipment and logistics and are focused only on hazard identification and pipe labeling, allowing installation to be accomplished accurately, quickly and in an organized efficient manner.

Marine / Offshore Process Labeling and Signage

Learn about how our products become an integral part of routine marine and offshore operations

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MS-995 Pipe Markers

MS-995 pipe markers are easily customized to your specifications of size, color, and appearance

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Marking Services offers identification markers for nearly any environment. MSA has stock and custom indoor, outdoor, industrial-grade or harsh chemical environment markers to meet your specific needs.

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Clear well-placed signage is critical for employee safety and operational efficiency. MSA signage provides personnel with information for hazard identification and operating procedures.

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