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Pipe marking, valve tagging and equipment labeling from take-off to landing

Most commercial construction projects require identification labeling to some degree. Pipe marking, valve tagging and equipment labeling is not a core capability of the typical contractor and often becomes one of the last tasks completed. Handling labeling yourself can drive up your in-place costs to a disproportionate degree.

There is a better alternative. MSA offers you a one-stop resource for cost-effective marking products and services.

  • Our commercial takeoff and electrical takeoff services help manage identification labeling at project initiation with effective solutions that reduce your total in-place cost.
  • Working with your construction drawings, we develop a complete bill of materials for the correct styles and quantities of pipe markers, valve and equipment tags and safety signage.
  • Based on your spec, we will prepare an organized submittal package that includes technical data sheets and samples.
  • We manufacture custom and stock marking products in-house with no minimum order quantities.
  • For ease of installation, we package your marking products by floor or area to reduce the man hours required.
  • Our AIM Mobile Technology delivers on-demand, 24/7 access to critical information. Our AIM mobile technology delivers on-demand access to Electrical Drawings, O&M manuals, equipment schedules and operational procedures through the use of asset identification for hazard reduction, employee training and error prevention.
  • Our AIM Forms Mobile Technology module allows crew members to engage with online interactive forms, accessed via AIM Mobile Technology. Using a smart device, simply scan the equipment sign’s QR code, select the appropriate form and begin to document field observations.

Experience has shown that contractors who rely on the specialized expertise of MSA complete labeling in half the time. By partnering with MSA, you can offer your customers superior pipe marking, valve tagging, and equipment labeling products and control your in-place costs — all at the same time.

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