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Pipe identification communicates asset specific information for reliable operations

The oil and gas industry is confronted with issues that have an impact on reliable operations of its facilities, including the hazardous nature of its chemicals, an increasingly inexperienced workforce, and Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements. Under these conditions, clearly identifying piping, valves and other equipment is essential to protect workers, the environment, and plant productivity. MSA’s turnkey asset labeling services and pipe identification products communicate critical information directly from your P&ID’s where it’s most meaningful to plant personnel. Oil and gas customers will benefit from our services with more effective creation and implementation of S.O.P’s, efficient start-up and commissioning, reduction and prevention of human errors, enhanced training of plant personnel and improved emergency response.

Oil and gas facilities may have thousands of pieces of equipment and safety critical devices that need identification labels. Done correctly, a pipe identification and tagging program will accelerate startup and commissioning, facilitate the training of new workers, and support ongoing safe and efficient operations.

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  • Engineering, on-site field verification and BOM development

    MSA will develop the bill of materials from a specific set of resources available from the owner. We field verify each asset against P&ID's to ensure information printed on markers is as-built. Clear and well-placed pipe identification and plant signage is critical for employee safety and operational efficiency. Our markers, signs and tags support the development and maintenance of PSM, SOP's & RMP programs.

  • Designing pipe identification to convey critical information

    MSA works with oil and gas companies to design pipe markers that correspond directly to P&ID and 3D models. Our pipe markers convey critical information such as pipe content, line numbers, origin and destination. These markers contribute to enhancing personnel training, improving maintenance, and immediate line recognition for daily operations and in the event of an emergency. Specifying MSA at the FEED stage of a new construction project ensures that owner/operators will gain maximum advantage from MSA’s labeling expertise.

  • Manufacturing pipe identification and tags that can withstand harsh conditions

    Piping systems within oil and gas plants carry compounds that are hazardous. The conditions are extreme, exposing pipe markers and valve tags to high temperatures, caustic substances and corrosion. MSA’s live line markers, blind location and LDAR tags, car seals and unit ID signs are designed to withstand harsher environments and offer long-term durability. These markers, tags and signs provide visual cues that convey pertinent hazardous or operations information to plant personnel.

  • Ensuring quick, accurate installation of all pipe identification

    Rather than expecting lean in-house maintenance crews or EPC contractors to complete pipe identification as time allows, companies rely on MSA's full-time specialists. Our installers have years of experience labeling petrochemical companies around the world. Our crews are knowledgeable and focused only on pipe identification and labeling, allowing work to be accomplished accurately, quickly and in an organized efficient manner.

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