Electrical Take-Off

Make electrical identification take-off a plus for your business

MSA’s take-off service for electrical identification and wire and cable marking lowers in-place costs and provides added value for our customers. This service is designed for a wide range of electrical projects in healthcare, government, public safety, medical, education, and telecommunications facilities.

Working with MSA from the beginning saves project managers time they would otherwise spend creating a list of arc flash labels, cable markers and electrical switch plates. MSA’s in-house engineers will use specifications and drawings to determine accurate electrical identification material counts. Ordering the exact number of electrical identification products needed reduces overages or shortages and allows for quantity pricing.

MSA’s electrical take-off service provides a seamless process, from beginning to material installation.

  • Submit a set of drawings including both electrical and lighting along with the symbol sheet and panel schedule, copy of the electrical identification spec and an approximate material delivery date.
  • Preliminary take-off editing worksheets are sent to you for review and adjustment of any items you deem necessary prior to ordering.
  • Once a purchase order is submitted, you will receive a Bill of Material spreadsheet with individual tabs for labels, markers and switch plates. Your spreadsheet will include details such as pack-by method, drawing numbers, room name and number, panel and circuit numbers, plate descriptions and much more.
  • MSA manufactures high quality custom arc flash labels, cable markers, switch plates, and other electrical identification products in-house, delivering same day/next day with no minimum order quantities.
  • MSA will then package the electrical identification order by “Area” in clearly marked boxes, making the sorting and installation process more efficient and organized.

MSA’s electrical take-off services provides value to project managers by allowing for easy ordering of arc flash labels, cable markers, switch plates and other electrical identification products. Our service reduces overages and shortages, allows for quantity pricing and offers a coherent process from take-off through material installation.

Contact us today to take advantage of MSA’s electrical take-off service.