MS-995 High Temp Stainless Steel Pipe Markers

MS-995 stainless steel pipe markers are for use on piping that has a surface temperature range up to 177°C.

  • Stainless Steel Pipe Markers consist of MS-995 label applied to a flat stainless steel carrier
  • Stand-off brackets hold the printed pipe marker away from the heat of the pipe’s surface
  • Special heat reducing spacers prevent the heat from affecting the printed legend
  • Pipe markers come complete with two stainless steel brackets, spacers and two stainless steel straps for easy installation
  • Available in standard sizes: 70 mm x 457 mm or 114 mm x 914 mm

Custom Stainless Steel Pipe Markers

MSA MS-995 stainless steel pipe markers provide an alternative for identifying pipes when standard legends won’t work. Our MS-995 pipe markers relate P&ID’s to the actual piping configuration within the facility.

  • Reduce time spent tracing piping, especially in emergencies
  • Teach new personnel plant piping layouts quickly and effectively
  • Reduce the possibility for human errors
  • Identify processes and improve overall efficiency for maintenance and operations
  • Guaranteed for five years, MS-995 Markers eliminate the need for costly re-labeling

Marking Services Australia offers the flexibility to create identification marking that conveys critical elements of each plant’s unique asset information, thereby promoting safer work conditions and minimizing downtime due to errors or accidents. Our identification marking materials are far superior to conventional labeling such as adhesive tapes, paint/stencil or stamped tags. Our methodology communicates critical information directly from your facility P&ID’s at the point at which it is most needed.

MSA standardizes identification labeling, providing a full complement of identification products and turnkey services designed to fulfill all needs for identification in nearly any environment. We help our customers manage their facilities better; achieving long-term cost savings associated with faster, more efficient plant commission and start-ups, improved operator training, and enhanced plant safety for employees. Through our commitment to providing value-added services, high-quality products and on-time delivery, MSA offers you a one-stop, comprehensive source for all your identification needs.  Contact us today to get started.

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MS-995 Stainless Steel Pipe Markers from Marking Services Australia
MS-995 Stainless Steel Pipe Markers from Marking Services Australia
MS-995 Pipe Markers

MS-995 pipe markers are easily customized to your specifications of size, color, and appearance