MS-995 Maxilar Coiled Conduit Cable Markers

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, MS-995 coiled conduit markers from Marking Services Australia are an excellent choice to identify conduit in harsh or outdoor environments. These coils use colour and/or text to communicate important information regarding service, end-user or origin of conduit. Coils are sized to fit completely around the circumference of the conduit and adhere to themselves, making installation more efficient than conventional tapes. Constructed of a polyester film with MS-1000 protective over laminate, these markers provide maximum protection from UV and chemical exposure.

  • Markers are manufactured in a standard 51 mm width
  • Available with or without text
  • Available in a wide variety of colours, colour combinations and sizes


Cable/Conduit Diameter Marker StyleMarker Width Marker Type
Up to 25 mmA51 mmWrap Around
25 mm - 51 mm B51 mmWrap Around
64 mm - 102 mmD51 mmWrap Around
114 mm - 152 mmE51 mmWrap Around
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